Micah Tischler


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I'm a Boston-area software developer. I love to build things, and my wide range of experience leaves me well suited to help solve problems on your projects.

What I Do

I've spent time building network security infrastructure software, complex web apps, advertising management and analytics systems, mission-critical embedded solutions for retail IT, and a host of other things. While the software development industry seems to be fragmenting into devout factions, each with their own dogma, I pride myself on adaptability. I couple my talent for learning new systems and languages quickly with sufficiently copious and broad experience to almost certainly allow me to provide relevant insight from the very beginning.

Much of my background has been working on projects where even the slightest runtime failure would have serious repercussions, so I'm quite used to making things extremely reliable and robust. Over the years I've had to produce a lot of deliverables with minimal or non-existent QA support, so, while I absolutely believe in the unassailable importance of testing, I also have an intense grasp of the quality impact a deep understanding of the code can provide. Additionally, I've often found myself in situations where I've had to learn a codebase with virtually no existing documentation, so, unless the situation is an absolute scramble, I make an effort to ensure that what I produce is both well annotated internally and that additional data is available at differing technical levels from architecture guides to operating manuals, based on the nature of the project.

To read more about my skills, see the Capabilities section. If you're curious about my background, check out my History. Finally, feel free to poke around this site's markup, CSS, JS, etc...